to the Fill whistleblowing-system.

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1) What is this portal for?
On this portal, you can report justified infringements and misconduct that you have discovered or observed at Fill or within the Fill Group. In the second stage of the portal, you can find the justified infringements/misconduct as selectable subject areas. Your reports help us to minimize corporate risk – thank you in advance.

2) How can I report possible wrongdoing?
  • Digitally here, using the "submit new report" button (at the bottom of the webpage) = anonymous and written 
  • By phone to Anja Hofinger, Wilfried Fladl, or Sebastian Schraml = non-anonymous and verbal
  • In person – just make an appointment with Anja Hofinger, Wilfried Fladl, or Sebastian Schraml = non-anonymous and verbal
You are free to choose whether to submit the report anonymously or together with your name. 
 In addition, there are public whistleblower systems, where the widest variety of information about possible wrongdoing can be entered. However, the in-house system should be used primarily. 

 3) What protection do I enjoy as a whistleblower?
Your protection against detrimental treatment by Fill/Fill Group (e.g., disciplinary consequences) is enshrined in law, provided that you report justified infringements/misconduct firstly via the in-house whistleblower system (be it digitally, by phone, or in person). In the second stage of the portal, you can find the justified infringements/misconduct as selectable subject areas. The contact persons must treat your identity with the utmost confidentiality. Your identity may only be disclosed if this is essential within the framework of an administrative or judicial proceeding or an investigation process in accordance with the pertinent code of criminal procedure, and if this is proportionate in terms of the risk to the whistleblower.
CAUTION: Deliberate misreporting always constitutes a violation of Fill's internal rules of conduct and the relevant law. In certain circumstances, this can have legal consequences.
 4) Do I need to register if I want to use this portal?

No. You can submit reports of possible wrongdoing anonymously.
Even if you have submitted the information anonymously, you will receive a read confirmation and feedback regarding the entered report from the contact persons. The system therefore generates a corresponding link for you, and it is important to keep this safe. You can use the link to access the chat anonymously again and view any responses and/or questions from the contact persons regarding your report.

5) How does anonymous report submission work?
Before sending any information, you can specify on the portal whether the report should be submitted anonymously. This means that the contact persons cannot see who created the report. If you want to play it safe, enter the information when you are not connected to the company network.
Don't worry if you accessed this portal via the CORE platform. The link routed you to a completely different website. The Fill whistleblower system and the CORE platform are technically separate.

6) What happens to my report?
Your report is received solely by the contact person assigned to the respective topic. This individual checks the report for plausibility and submits an initial assessment. If the report is considered relevant, an appropriate investigation is initiated. To begin with, only the contact persons defined herein are consulted. For topics that require the expertise of a specialist department, individual persons from the relevant department(s) may be called in. Individuals from the specialist departments are only given absolutely essential information and never informed of your identity. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, actions are derived or the investigation process is terminated --> this decision is never made solely by one contact person; it is subject to the four eyes principle.
 7) Is the accused party informed?
The accused has a general right to be informed, so that they can justify themselves. However, if this poses a risk to the confidentiality of your identity, the accused party will not be informed for the time being.

8) Agony column?
The whistleblower system is not intended for lodging personal complaints (e.g., disagreements with work colleagues). Your line manager and/or works council representative is always available to you for this purpose. Please use common sense when deciding which information should be reported via the whistleblower system and which definitely does not require this process.   
 9) Who are the contacts?
Anja Hofinger, Wilfried Fladl, and Sebastian Schraml
 Each subject area has at least one contact person who will accept reports on this subject.

10) What happens to my data and the personal details?
If you have not submitted the report anonymously, your data and personal details will, of course, be treated as strictly confidential. This data is processed in accordance with the applicable legal regulations. See also Fill's Privacy Policy. It is ensured that the data is permanently deleted once the retention period expires.
Any other questions? Then contact Anja Hofinger, Wilfried Fladl, or Sebastian Schraml. 

How our whistleblower system helps protect your privacy

  • No identifying information is provided to the contacts.
  • Your message will be stylometrically redacted to provide you with an even higher level of anonymity. We remove all punctuation and convert all words to lowercase."
  • All information is end-to-end encrypted, so your sensitive information remains safe.

What you can do to protect yourself

  • You are not on the corporate network (Internet/VPN).
  • You should not use a device (smartphone, computer, etc) that is provided by your employer.
  • You should not use the kinds of idioms or abbreviations that you frequently use in conversations or when writing emails.